The trends described here were compiledĀ in 2011 by the management team at the Karolinska Institute University Library in Sweden, and has been updated and rewritten for this occasion by the LOC, with input from the IPC. We apologise for any bias towards university libraries and/or Northern Europe/Scandinavia.

The trend descriptions should be used as inspirational texts and the starting point for the discussions during the workshop sessions. We think that the discussions will focus on the near future, 3-5 years into the future: 2017-2019.

The aim of the texts is to try to describe trends in the surrounding world that influences health libraries, and to contextualise library services. We list a total of eight trends, starting out with an article on overall global currents of change that influences the eight trends, and ending with a list of references used when writing the texts, which is currently updated.

Trend descriptions

Overall global currents of change

Trend 1: Technological developments

Trend 2: Sustainability

Trend 3: Increasingly heterogenous user groups

Trend 4: Funding is distributed according to quality

Trend 5: From teaching to learning

Trend 6: Scientific communication in change

Trend 7: Openness and accessibility

Trend 8: Information overload