Memories from the Stockholm Workshop, JEAHIL September issue.

Time flies, October is already at an end and the EAHIL workshop in June seems far away by now. Not until now have I found the time to write this blog post of the latest Journal of EAHIL issue, dedicated to the EAHIL Workshop 2013.

Whether you attended the workshop or not the September issue of JEAHIL offers a lot of interesting reading on what went on during those pre summer days in the Stockholm archipelago. It contains an insight into what went on both during and between the sessions. And for those of you who took part and contributed to the content and positive atmosphere, it might work as a trigger for your own personal memories. It certainly does for me.

You can, for instance, read about the making of and experiences from a new workshop method created for this event, Opinionator Triangle, written by the facilitating group. You can also read about Appreciative Inquiry from two participants´ points of view. And much more…Several of the workshops are described in detail and the articles complement the workshop notes available here on the website.  

For me, and I think for the rest of the LOC as well, reading the September issue has been as joyful an experience as attending the workshop was.  I just want to say thank you to those of you who took the time to write about and share your impressions with the rest of us.

Hopefully we´ll meet in Rome next summer,


Workshop notes

First of all,

thank you to all the attendees of the EAHIL 2013 workshop for your active participation and lively discussions!

At the moment the facilitators and the notetakers are working on putting togheter the workshop notes from the different sessions you have attended. Some notes are already published under workshop notes and the rest will be published as soon as they have been finished. You will find that the output are summarized in somewhat different formats in part depending on the method used.

If you want to have a brief summary of what went on during the workshop please check out EAHIL 2013 on RebelMouse.


Practical information - time to get ready

If you want to know more about the rooms at Vår Gård, or how to pay for a bus i Stockholm and such practical matters, please check out this page here!

EAHIL 2013 in social media

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Activities to do around Vår Gård

Spring has finally reached Stockholm! This inspired us to let you know some of the things you can do around Vår Gård during your visit. You might not have much free time, but between all the brain work and discussions you might want to clear your head. :) 

If you like jogging or walking there are lovely paths along the seaside just outside the door. For those of you who want to cover more distance you can borrow a bike at the reception. If you are "strong like a viking", you might go for a swim. Yes it might be a little cold, but there´s a hot sauna waiting for you in the relaxation area.

Rather be on the water than in it? In that case you can borrow a boat or canoe. There is also a gym under construction that should be completed by the time of the workshop.

Want to relax instead of excercise? There is a Spa at Vår Gård called Thann Sanctuary where you can book a massage. Unfortunately the information is only in Swedish but you can contact them for questions regarding treatments and prices.


Bicykles to borrow


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